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Can you name the famous people with dyslexia or dyslexic traits?

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Ivtonner of teh lhigt blub adn pgahoonrph
Peitnad hte 'Mnoa Lsia'
Hsi msot einrudng rloe wsa Hpapy Dyas' 'Fzione'
Picaprinl snogtirwer of teh bnad 'Osias'
Acirmean fahoisn dgineser wsohe nakesame mweasenr lnie pakeed ni teh '90s
Saretrd ni teh mvoies 'Jipmung Jcak Falsh' adn 'Sestir Atc'
Atohur of 'Teh Wolrd Adnicocrg Ot Grap' adn 'Hte Cdier Husoe Relus'
Eh hsa Pytorerad Divetcete Jhon Mnuch no ta lesat 8 derefifnt VT sowhs!
Worte 'Fierd Geren Tmatooes' adn was a rguaelr no 'Mctah Gmae'
Grneeal payroterd yb Ocasr wnenir Grogee C. Stoct in a 1970 flim.
Pechitr woh hdlos teh mjoar lugeae creear rcreod fro sokuttreis
Mian cathrcear in teh 'Oinypmlas' bkoos, stritang wtih 'Teh Lhniigtng Tihef'
Hier ot teh Bstriih Thorne
Fomerr snignig pantrer fo Snony, wno an Ocars fro 'Moustconrk'
Arcaiemn pdnieesrt owh wno the Neobl Pcaee Pzrie in 1919
Atcor woh areepapd in 'Lrod of hte Rgnis' and 'Pateirs fo teh Cibarnbaen'
Dicnnag pearntr fo Geingr Regros
Pidnseret fo Teh Utined Saetts driung teh Cbaun Mlsiise Ciisrs
Fundeor fo Vigrin Eptiserners
Netod aoctr, Soltnecsiogit adn cocuh-jpmuer
Tihs Bisrith wamon saw teh msot sfucucssel mtrysey wiertr of lal teim.
Wno teh daltceohn Glod Madel ta teh 1976 Semumr Gemas; nwo arpapes no 'Kniepeg Pu Wtih Teh Kdihsraanas
Fencrh aouhtr of 'Aornud Teh Wrlod In 80 Dyas'
Wtih pantrer Diavd Prkacad, fednuod noe fo teh wlord's legrast imiofrntoan smetyss cpinemaos
Eh saw teh frsit vicoe fo Mckeiy Musoe

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