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Can you name the words that contain an 'OO'?

Quiz Updated Sep 23, 2016

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Raised areas of skin caused by fear or cold
Bl├╝cher and Wellington won this 1815 battle
Military unit between a squad and a company
Donald Duck's rich uncle
Ambiguity in a law that allows it to be bypassed
Nickname for residents of Indiana
People who share living quarters
Curved barb at the end of a fishing line
This candy 'Roll' is over 100 years old
The largest of the marsupials
Go into a faint
Able to act 'fancy freely' with no responsibilities
Deep-bowled ice cream spoon
Evidence that removes all doubt
E.g., 'Sunsilk' or 'Head & Shoulders'
Australian Aborigine's returning weapon
Silky case for insect pupae
Wealthy entrepreneur or Captain of Business
Left stranded (e.g., on a desert island)
Hangman's loop
Ben Stiller's male model character
Maelstrom, vortex, or eddy
Marvel anti-hero created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza
1980s Cybill Shepherd/Bruce Willis TV dramedy

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