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Can you name the words, names and phrases containing Double H, I, J or K?

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Extend a thumb to request a rideHH
Place to go for a steam or a saunaHH
Where you may put a worm if you want bassHH
To refuse to hand over or shareHH
Wordless request for silence, as in a theatreHH
Juno, Gold, Sword, Omaha and Utah are WWII examples of this type of achievementHH
Red Sox hurler ClayHH
This sport's main disciplines
are Alpine and Nordic
The 44th president of the USA
was born in this state
1990's R & B band hit it big with CooleyhighharmonyII
An adherent of the second-largest
denomination of Islam
Mushroom originating in Japan and ChinaII
The large bones of the lower arm
that are not the ulnae
This video game console was the
successor to the GameCube
Personal avatar created
using the above console
Full name of the long-time Twin, then Angel, now signed by the TigersII
Laid-back singer/songwriter's only hit
was 1972's Crazy Mama
Islam's Fifth Pillar is a pilgrimage to MeccaJJ
Bible book named after
one of the twelve prophets
Small, decorative curioKK
This occupation is also the only English word with three consecutive double lettersKK
Term for a person with an affection for the Starship Enterprise and its crewKK
Rudyard Kipling story of a valiant mongooseKK
Jewish Festival of LightsKK
Japan's second largest island;
its capital is Sapporo
Televangelist who once hosted of the PTL Club with his wife Tammy FayeKK
Tokyo Stock Exchange stock market indexKK
An AnimaniacKK
Another AnimaniacKK
Blade that can be folded into its holder for pocket storageKK

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