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Can you name the Jayson Stark Baseball Oddities of 2009?

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This team lost on a walk-off hit in their own ballpark.
This winning pitcher in the above game was not on the winning team's roster when the game ended.
This team allowed 14 runs in the 20th inning played at their new stadium
This Diamondback was the first player in history to switch-hit homers from both sides of the plate on Opening Day.
Next inning, this teammate duplicated the feat.
This Yankee didn't steal two bases in a game all season. He stole two on the same pitch in the World Series.
This Reds pitcher hit a two-out pinch hit homer to tie the game on May 10.
This Cardinal struck out 7 consecutive batters in his first game. He had never done that in 708 previous games.
Jamie Moyer won his 250th game and Randy Johnson won his 300th vs this team, four days apart.
This player hit 5 home runs and 0 singles in the World Series.
This Texas player struck out 150 times in only 353 at-bats and actually swung at a bouncing ball.
This pitcher tried to slam the ball into his glove after allowing a run, but missed his glove for an E-1.
This team had an active 10 game home winning streak and an 11 game road losing streak at the same time.
This team had a road trip in which they won one out of seven games. They outscored their opponents 42-35.
This Rockies rookie got caught stealing after his first and second career hits.
This Met went on a 17 for 36 hitting tear, without driving in any runs.
This team scored 10 consecutive runs in a game, but lost it by 8 runs.
This pitcher had a stretch of 45 consecutive batters where none of them reached base.

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