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Can you name the one word movie titles starting with J or K that fit these descriptions?

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Normandy Beach2007 J
Whitechapel Ripper1996 J
Actor Law1996 J
Hooker Customers1996 J
Namesake Son1994 J
Fruit Drink1992 J
Folding Blade1989 J
Anniversary Celebration1978 J
'Twas brillig…'1977 J
Teeth Holders1975 J
Unstoppable Force1974 J
'Ordinary' Guy1970 J
Kennedy Onassis1956 J
Trebek Show1953 J
Picture Puzzle1949 J
Hit Men2010 K
Stole Children1986 K
Sudanese Capital1966 K
Australian Hopper1952 K
Bluegrass State1938 K

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