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Can you name the words, names and phrases found in this country's name?

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The Mystery Country, whose name contains all of the letters for every answer in this quiz
Bone companion to stirrup and hammer
Its branch is a sign of peace
Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton sci-fi thriller
Small overnight bag
To run at the nose; to complain
First name of the singer with the most US top 40 hits
Walkway in a supermarket or church
Variety of orange that features a 'belly button'
Where you would bake a cake
'The Kite Runner', 'Christine' and 'Oliver Twist' are these
Not deceased
You'll adore rebounder Kevin or golfer Davis
Something the Grinch can't stand at Who Christmas
Code for the planned 1940 invasion of Britain (English)
Middle voice of the violin family,
between a violin and a cello
Indentured worker
Figure out
Its capital is Vientiane
Body parts that may be girded or produce 'fruit'
Former Bears coach Smith
Place to get a 'do
Soothing ointment
Uninformed; without worldly experience
Shape of an Australian Rules Football playing field
Legal claim or hold on property e.g. by a Builder
Austin Powers' Doctor foe
SpongeBob SquarePants' pet is this type of mollusc
This herb flavours ouzo, sambuca and J├Ągermeister

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