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Can you name the words, names and phrases found in this country's name?

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The Mystery Country, whose name contains all of the letters for every answer in this quiz
To sing in the pop style of Michael Bublé, Mel Tormé or Rudy Vallée
This cartoon company's products backfired so many times, I think the Roadrunner owned it
Power trio that included Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton
Weapon, spray or Windu
This Shakespearean-named character 'Must Die' in a 2000 Jet Li film
The centre of the Earth or the centre of an apple
Gathering of military information in the field, briefly
One who emits mournful cries; complainer
Birchbark watercraft
A mighty oak can from a little one grow
Blind person's aid or sugar source
The Grimaldi family rules this European Principality
Term once applied to people with an IQ of 51-70, one step above 'imbecile'
He was a president, or she famously sang 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President'
This NFL quarterback once dated Jessica Simpson
Billiard shot in which the cue ball strikes two balls successively
1976 Gregory Peck horror classic 'The ___'
Singer Billy had a number of '80s hits, none about the Pacific or Atlantic
A term for a mansion; Bruce Wayne had a stately one
Surname of the actress whose name was often abbreviated as MTM
To strand a castaway
Comedian Ray had his own sitcom from 1996-2005
Actress Diaz or filmmaker James
4840 square yards
Escamillo sings Toreador in this Bizet opera
Sailor, Harvest or Warren
The iris and pupil are covered by this
French, Catalan and Romanian are in this family of languages

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