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The Mystery Celebrity, whose name contains all of the letters for every answer in this quiz
Banks ones money or prevents a goal
The most lucid
To speed up or accelerate
NBA'er Battier, or Alan Ladd title role
Mitigates or makes simpler
Pitcher who won the most games for Milwaukee in the '00s
Something owned that has an exchange value
Lifts something up with force (or throws up)
Eyesight is one
Eminem hit song about an obsessive fan
According to Kipling, this is itself, and will never meet West
Number of Wonders of the Ancient World
Tightly stretched, or nervous
Home of the goodly in the afterlife
Starting poker bet
Actor featured in 'Platoon' and 'Two And A Half Men'
Barrel parts
Pioneer female hip hop MC Roxanne
To hide, or save for later
Singer Richie appeared at Woodstock and had a 1970 hit with 'Here Comes the Sun'
An implement that is used to determine wind direction
Has had ones whiskers trimmed
New Jersey's NBA team
Older than a tween, but younger than an adult
When the Mystery Celebrity was the above clue, he lived in Victoria, BC
Happenings or occasions
The Mystery Celebrity organizes or appears at many of the previous answer, for charities such as the Afghanistan Relief Organization
Miami's NBA team
In 2008, two of the Mystery Celebrity's teammates were traded to the previous answer for Shaq

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