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Can you name the words and phrases found in this celebrity's name (volume 2)?

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The Mystery Celebrity, whose name contains all the letters for every answer in this quiz
Tropical hardwood used for furniture, flooring and oil
Ratatouille, goulash and Irish are examples of this dish
Two-time Academy award winning actress's first big role was as 'The Next Karate Kid'
19th century Romantic poet, wrote many 'Odes'
Number one hit song in 1960 for Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, later covered by Jackson Browne and others
A pre-adolescent human, between 8 and 12, or a hobbit between 20 and 32
Causes to lose strength and power
Alt-Rocker Matthew had albums named 'Girlfriend', 'Altered Beast' and '100% Fun'
Bad, perverted, digusting
T-34, Tiger and Sherman are World War II examples of these
Covered in perspiration
Hurricanes have them and The Hills may have them
Pinches or fine-tunes
What the witch allegedly turned John Cleese into in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'
Largest of the Inner Hebrides, or Donovan's daughter, Ione
Key ingredient in bread and beer
British economist who advocated government intervention to mitigate adverse economic conditions
These trees sound like female sheep
These female sheep sound like trees
Leg joints
Yellowish brown, like a lion (or the first name of a 'Kitaen')
Can be New York, flank or chuck
The southernmost point in the continental USA, that is accessible to citizens, is in this city
Often a country's highest legislative assembly
The above assembly for California passed a cosmetic surgery law in 2008, after the death of the Mystery Celebrity's mother
To mock or make fun of, as children may do to those different from them
Taylor Swift did the above to the Mystery Celebrity on her Saturday Night Live appearance
World Series winners in 2000 and 2009
The Mystery Celebrity is featured on 'Run This Town', which has become a theme song for the previous answer

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