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QUIZ: Can you name the words and names that only have the letter C as a consonant?

Quiz Updated Feb 14, 2015

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Clue (Length)Answer
Hall of Fame pitcher, __ Young (2)
High card in a Royal Flush (3)
Covered in frozen water (3)
UK politician who won 4 80s Olympic track medals (3)
Pigeon's call (3)
Precedes 'Cube' or 'T' in rappers' names (3)
The third letter of the alphabet, spelled out (3)
Namesake ingredient in the world's #1 soft drink (4)
Clue (Length)Answer
Designer Chanel (4)
Singers Peniston, Winans or Frey (4)
Nietzsche's autobiography '____ Homo' (4)
The main ingredient in chocolate (5)
Another name for the above plant (5)
Harry Potter's summoning spell (5)
Actress Kaley - Penny on 'The Big Bang Theory' (5)
Thorntree or wattle (6)

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