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Name the titles and phrases that contain the word 'thousand'

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You cannot enter "1000". You must type "thousand" OR you can type K instead of Thousand. No definitions are for numbers other than a thousand e.g. No two thousand or thousand and one, etc
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Salad dressing named for an archipelago
Phrase comparing the relative value of images and prose
Khaled Hosseini's followup novel to 'The Kite Runner'
George HW Bush's term for America's clubs and volunteers
California city bordering Los Angeles
Hitler's view of his Germany's longevity
A baseball term meaning unblemished success
2012 Eddie Murphy movie in which he must say very little
Many extras, as in a Cecil B. DeMille movie
Colombian civil conflict of 1899-1902
1969 movie with Geneviève Bujold as Anne Boleyn
Grover Cleveland was the last person pictured on this US banknote
Wilson Pickett/Cannibal and the Headhunters hit
Linkin Park's 2010 #1 album
Michelle Pfeiffer/Jessica Lange/Jennifer Jason Leigh farm drama
Nickname for Helen of Troy
Nickname of Lon Chaney
Canadian Alt/Christian band ('Untraveled Road')

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