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QUIZ: Can you name the place names that don't use the top letter row of the keyboard?

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CluePlace Name
This country won its 6th Olympic ice hockey gold medal in 1952, then not again until 2002
Largest US city not situated on a body of water (lake, ocean or major river)
Argentina calls these islands Islas Malvinas
After Cairo, this is the second largest city in the Arab World.
Kwame Nkrumah led this country and its predecessor, The Gold Coast, from 1952 to 1966
The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is on this island
This state's unofficial nickname is The Yellowhammer State
The largest city under the control of the Palestinian Authority
This birthplace of Picasso is in southern Spain
Bruce Springsteen recorded a song with this name, but it isn't about this South Dakota National Park
Capital city of Yemen
Varna, Sevastopol and Samsun are all located on this Sea
The capital and largest city of Bahrain
Now an autonomous region of Finland, these islands were disputed between Finland and Sweden after WWI
CluePlace Name
A landlocked African nation
This US State was once known as 'Russian America'
The movie 'Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil' was set in this Georgia port
These islands in the Bay of Bengal are an Indian territory
This Judean fortress which was beseiged by the Romans is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Topeka is the capital of this US state
This Jordanian city was called Philadelphia while under Roman and Byzantine rule
Islands that make up this nation include Abaco, Andros, New Providence and Bimini
The largest city in the Caribbean
This Israeli port city has now been absorbed by Tel Aviv
World renowned opera house in Milan
Straits between Indonesia and Malaysia; one of the world's piracy hot spots
It's the capital of Bangladesh!
This Moroccan city was the setting for the Best Picture of 1944

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