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This singer had his blue 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 repainted pink,
for touring with his band in 1955-56
One of the reasons the above vehicle was repainted was because the singer had replaced the line 'You may get religion' with 'You may have a pink Cadillac' in this song
In 1969, this cosmetics company began rewarding its top 5 producers
by leasing pink Cadillacs for them.
To make the Pink Cadillac cocktail, you need 1½ oz Chambord, ½ oz Galiano, 2 oz sweet and sour syrup, 1 oz half and half, and 3 oz of this
'Pink Cadillac', a song which owes more than a little to the Peter Gunn theme, was never released on a studio album, but is this artist's most-played B-Side
The above song is now included in a CD compilation of non-album songs, but for years was only available as the B-Side of this hit single
Although the song's composer insisted it couldn't be sung by a woman, the above 'Pink Cadillac' B-Side finally hit the charts and went to #5 in 1988 for this singer
'Freeway of Love', which includes the line 'We're going riding on the freeway of love in my pink Cadillac', was a big hit for this singer during her 1980s comeback
'Pink Cadillac' was a 1989 movie in which Bernadette Peters is on the run in her husband's pink Cadillac. She is aided by a bounty hunter played by this action star
'Pink Cadillac', published in 2001, was the first of 4 'musical' novels by this author, preceding 'Cutting Time', 'Soul Cavalcade' and 'Meet the Annas'

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