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Can you name these changes to the map of Africa from 1972-2013?

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The Gambia changed this capital city's name to Banjul1973
Chad renamed this capital city to N'Djamena1973
This capital of Equatorial Guinea was renamed as Malabo1973
Guinea-Bissau gained independence
from _____
Upon independence, Guinea Bissau changed its name from _______1974
Malawi moved it's capital from this city to Lilongwe1974
Mozambique gained independence from
This country surrendered Western Sahara1975
The Northern part of Western Sahara was occupied by this country1975
The Southern region of Western Sahara was occupied by this country1975
This country changed its name to Benin1975
Angola gained independence
from ______
This republic changed its name to the Democratic Republic of Madagascar1975
Comoros gained independence from _____1975
Cabo Verde gained independence
from _____
Sao Tome and Principe gained independence
from _____
The Central African Republic changed its name to this (and changed it back in 1979)1976
Seychelles gained independence
from _____
Mozambique changed this capital city's name to Maputo1976
Djibouti gained independence from _____1977
Before independence, Djibouti had formerly been called _____1977
This country withdrew from its portion of Western Sahara1979
Zimbabwe adopted majority rule and changed its name from this1980
Zimbabwe changed its capital's name to Harare from this1982
Egypt regained lands that had been occupied by this country1982
Cote D'Ivoire moved its capital to Yamoussoukro from its largest city of _____1983
Burkina Faso changed its name from this colonial name1984
This country requested that it be called Côte d'Ivoire in all languages1986
Namibia gained independence from ______1990
Namibia had been known as this before independence1990
Eritrea gained independence from _____1991
Nigeria moved its capital to Abuja from this largest city1991
Namibia gained this former South African enclave1994
Tanzania moved its capital to Dodoma from here1996
After 26 years, this country changed its name back to The Democratic Republic of the Congo 1997
South Sudan gained its independence from this country2011
Cabo Verde asked to no longer be referred to by this English name2013

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