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Blank Blank Blank just carry on,rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voiceBlank means the name of song,=3 words
{C'mon}Sing with me{sing} sing for the yearsIf there is no bleep, then its in the song= 4 words
Blank Blank in the music the moment u want itIf there is three bleeps then there is=2 words
Sometimes It feels like the world's on my shouldersthree words in the name of the song=2 words
Step to step,Heart to heart,left right left,We all fall down. Blank Blank Blank3 words
I'm Blank Blank, to take a stand2 words
Now everyone report to the dance floor3 words
They try to shut me down on MTV, but it feels so empty Blank Blank2 words
Nothing comes out just a bunch of jibberishFeaturing Dr.Dre= 3 words
I'm sorry mama, I didn't mean to hurt you, but tonight i'm Blank Blank Blank Blank4 words

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