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Can you place the year that these events took place?

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Cardassian Seventh Order attacked a Romulan convoy
Krazzle Empire becomes the Krazzle Republic
Sovereign Class Starship is activated
Section 31 unleashes the morphogenic virus
Klingon Chancellor K'mpec dies of poisoning
the Battle of Garen Epok
Task Force 93 expands to include the Raeyan Sector
The Borg Collective attack the Delta Quadrant
the Omega Crisis begins
The Miranda Class was mothballed this year
Constitution Class is retired
Battle of Betazed
Shinzon leads a nearly successful coup d'├ętat of the Romulan Empire
USS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant
Klingon Civil War
USS Voyager is assumed to be lost
Alrakis Pact is formed
Fourth Fleet assigns Task Force 38
Saber Class Starship is activated
Bajor officially joins the Federation

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