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Can you name the Sons and Daughters characters from the clues as to how they died?

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Clue CharacterYear
Attacked with metal bar 1982
Brain Tumour1982
Jumped or fell from cliff1982
Committed suicide by gunshot1983
Heart Attack1983
Shot by estranged wife1984
Drowned in Hamilton's pool1984
Shot dead in political killing 1984
Heart failure during operation1984
Committed suicide by drowning1984
Accidentally ate poison1984
Terminal illness/euthanasia 1984
Attacked with bottle1984
House fire1984
Exploding wheelchair1985
Clue CharacterYear
Euthanasia 1985
Committed suicide by morphine overdose 1985
Fell/pushed from bridge1985
Truck explosion 1985
Attacked in Sydney apartment1985
Killed by intruders at David's1985
Brain injury following fall1985
Knocked down by truck1986
Drug overdose1986
Fell from Ferris wheel1986
Prison riot1986
Murdered on park bench1986
Car accident 1987
Car accident1987
Strangled(?) in Hamilton house1987

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