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Can you name the Best Picture-winning film from the articles linked to in its Wikipedia plot summary?

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The Rose Theater / Christopher Marlowe / boy player
expatriate / Czech resistance / La Marseillaise
beauty spot / 1929 Stock Market Crash / nitrate film
confession (religion) / Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor / The Magic Flute
Itzhak Stern / Amon Goeth / Golden Party Badge
Bear Bryant / Stand in the Schoolhouse Door / Ping Pong Diplomacy
elocution / shilling / Ascot Racecourse
advertising / character assassination / jungle gym
Nonnberg Abbey / Laendler / Anschluss
first communion / Moe Greene / Rocco Lampone
cartographer / Benghazi / Italian campaign (World War II)
offender profile / quid pro quo / sex-change operation
joint (cannabis) / Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin / Seems Like Old Times (song)
statutory rape / electroconvulsive therapy / bacchanalia
Twelve Oaks / blockade runner / Scalawag
20th Century Limited / past-posting / trifecta
galley slave / Pontius Pilate / leprosy
Buick Roadmaster / Who's on First? / Las Vegas Strip
Reform Club / India / International Date Line
tetraplegia / assisted suicide / Irish language

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