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Priestess who practises voodoo magic
Blacksmith and in love with Elizabeth Swann
Strong Christian taken captive by the Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge
Keeps a compass on him at all times and was left on island twice by the crew of the Pearl
Monster that does the bidding of the Dutchman's Captain
Mermaid who is captured for her tear
Second in Command of the East India Trading Company
Beautiful girl who is captured by the cursed crew and is in love with a blacksmith
The pirate lord of Singapore
Pet monkey of the answer to No.1
Portrayed by Tom Hollander and determined to extinguish piracy for good
First mate of Sparrow
Member of Black Pearl Crew
Zombified and portrayed by Ian Mercer in 'On Stranger Tides'
A former commodore and person who recovered contents of the Dead Man's Chest
Father of a blacksmith and prisoner on the Dutchman
Man who keep's the 'piece of eight' of a pirate lord in his eye
The most feared pirate ever
Female first mate of the Queen Anne's Revenge
Governor of Port Royal
Man who keeps the mermaid's tear and chalices safe
Captain of the Dutchman
Keeper of the Code
Former Captain of the Black Pearl and was killed at Isla de Muerta

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