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Can you name the facts about Seneca Caverns?

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Year Seneca Caverns was discovered
First name of one of the boys who discovered it
Animal the boys' dog was chasing during the discovery
Year Seneca Caverns opened to the public
Man who developed and opened Seneca Caverns
Temperature of the cave
Number of levels open to the public
Depth of the lowest level on the tour
Largest level in the cave
Depth of the largest level
What type of cave is Seneca Caverns? (regarding its formation)
Type of rock that makes up the upper levels
Type of rock that makes up the lower levels
Type of rock that eroded before the cave formed
Type of animals found fossilized in the 2nd level
Year on the eleborate carving by C. L. Royer
Calcium carbonate formations on cave ceiling
The Ole Myst'ry River in the cave is part of what?
Is the water level constant?
Flying mammals that sleep in the cave

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