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Only Dual Type Starter?
Burnt Towers Original Name?
Bills First Pokemon?
Castforms Held Item? (R/S/E)
Level Espeon Learns Swift? (Gen 3)
Item that increases bug type moves power?
Move that leaves Targets with 1hp?
Only Steel Type Move the Piplup line learns Leveling up? (Gen 4)
Arceus's Signature Move?
Reviving the Plume Fossil gives you Which Pokemon?
Lampent evolves into Chandelure by what method?
Pokemon Number 137 in the National Dex?
Clair is which Champion's Cousin?
Juan's Signature Pokemon?
Symbol Obtained from the Battle Pyramid?
Only R/S Elite 4 Member that uses 5 Different Pokemon?
First Place Looker is Found? (Platinum)
First Shadow Pokemon Encountered in Pokemon XD?
Grass Type Gym Leader in X/Y?
Rivals Name in Pokemon TCG?

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