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Advance Wars: Kanbei's CO Power?
Golden Sun: Isaac and Garets Hometown?
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: Popple's Second Partner?
Mario Kart Super Circuit: Winter Themed Track in the Star Cup?
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: Bob-omb Companion?
Advance Wars 2: Orange Star CO Playable for the first time?
Pokemon Gen 1: Electric Type Only Available in Red?
Golden Sun 2: The Next Psynergy Level for Diamond Dust?
Pokemon Gen 2: Only Pure Dark Type in Johto?
Mario Kart Double Dash: Petey Piranhas Partner?
Pokemon Gen 3: What Badge does Norman give you?
Advance Wars Dual Strike: Von Bolts Super Power?
Golden Sun Dark Dawn: Briggs's Son and Fire Adept?
Pokemon Gen 4: Elite 4 Aaron's Signature Pokemon?
Animal Crossing New Leaf: Name of the Coffee Store Owner?

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