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A) The holiday __________
B) Actor who played Will in 'The One With the Rumour'
C) The coffee shop
D) Character Joey plays on 'Days of our Lives'
E) Name of Joey's agent
F) Joey's middle name
G) Jame Michael Tyler's character
H) The name of Joey's stuffed penguin
I) The food Ross doesn't like because its to cold
J) Monica and Ross' dad's name
K) The character Joey plays in the infomercial
L) Where ross and Emily got married
M) The name of Ross' pet monkey
N) The city in which the show takes place
O) Rachel's ex-fiance's job
P) Ross' Job
Q) 'The One Where Rachel _________' (Episode in Season 3)
R) Name of band that sings the theme song
S) Name of one of Phoebe's songs
T) The amount of times Ross has been married... and divorced
U) Phoebe's sister's name
V) The place where Ross and Rachel get married
W) The last name of the actress who plays Janice
X) The reason (a person) Ross and Rachel break up the first time
Y) The place Chandler says he goes to so he can avoid Janice
Z) A place for animals where Marcel was eventually sent

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