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Can you name the composers who have wone the Pulitzer Prize in Music?

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2010Violin Concerto
2009Double Sextet
2008The Little Match Girl Passion
2007Sound Grammar
2006Piano Concerto, 'Chiavi in Mano'
2005Second Concerto for Orchestra
2004Tempest Fantasy
2003On the Transmigration of Souls
2002Ice Field
2001Symphony No. 2 for String Orchestra
2000Life is a Dream (Act II)
1999Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion
1998String Quartet #2 (Musica Instrumentalis)
1997Blood on the Fields
1994Of Reminiscences and Reflections
1993Trombone Concerto
1992The Face of the Night, The Heart of the Dark
1990Duplicates for Two Pianos and Orchestra
1989Whispers Out of Time
198812 New Etudes for Piano
1987The Flight into Egypt
1986Wind Quintet IV
1985Symphony, 'Riverrun'
1984Canti del Sole
1983Symphony No. 1
1982Concerto for Orchestra
1980In Memory of a Summer Day
1979Aftertones of Infinity
1978Deja Vu
1977Visions of Terror and Wonder
1976Air Music
1975From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
1973String Quartet No. 3
1971Synchronisms No. 6
1970Time's Encomium
1969String Quartet No. 3
1968Echoes of Time and the River
1967Quartet No. 3
1966Variations for Orchestra
1963Piano Concerto
1962The Crucible
1961Symphony No. 7
1960Second String Quartet
1959Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
1957Meditations on Ecclesiastes
1956Symphony No. 3
1955The Saint of Bleeker Street
1954Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
1952Symphony Concertante
1951Music in 'Giants in the Earth'
1950The Consul
1949Music for the film 'Louisiana Story'
1948Symphony No. 3
1947Symphony No. 3
1946The Canticle of the Sun
1945Appalachian Spring
1944Symphony No. 4, Op. 34
1943Secular Cantata No. 2, 'A Free Song'

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