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Can you name the Muscles by their origin and insertion?

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Skull, Cervical and Thoracic VertebraeSpine of Scapula, Acromion, and Clavicle
Thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and iliac crestIntertubercular Sulcus of Humerus
Vertebrae C1-C4Medial Border of Scapula above the Spine
Vertebrae C7 and T1Medial Border of Scapula at Spine
Vertebrae T2-T5Medial Border of Scapula below Spine
Clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages 1-6Crest of Greater Tubercle of Humerus
Ribs 2-5Coracoid Process
Ribs 1-8Medial Border of Scapula
Spine of Scapula, Acromion, and ClavicleDeltoid Tuberosity
Supraspinous FossaGreater Tubercle of Humerus
Infraspinous FossaGreater Tubercle of Humerus
Lateral Border of Infraspinous FossaGreater Tubercle of Humerus
Subscapular FossaLesser Tubercle
Inferior Angle of Infranspinous FossaCrest of Lesser Tubercle of Humerus
Infraglenoid TubercleOlecranon Process
Humerus above Radial nerveOlecranon Process
Humerus below Radial nerveOlecranon Process
Supraglenoid TubercleRadial Tuberosity
Coracoid ProcessRadial Tuberosity
Coracoid ProcessMiddle Medial of Humerus
Lower HumerusCoronoid Process of Ulna
Ilium, sacrum, and coccyxGluteal Tuberosity
IliumGreater Trochanter
IliumGreater Trochanter
Iliac Crest, ASISIT Band
Anterior SacrumGreater Trochanter
Spine of IschiumOI Tendon
Internal Surface of Obterator MembraneGreater Trochanter
Ischial TuberosityOI Tendon
Ischial TuberosityIntertrochanteric Crest
Iliac Fossa, Lumbar VertebraeLesser Trochanter
ASISUpper Medial Tibia
AIIS, acetabulum Tibial Tuberosity
Greater Trochanter, Linea AsperaTibial Tuberosity
Linea AsperaTibial Tuberosity
Upper FemurTibial Tuberosity
PubisUpper Medial Tibia
PubisUpper Femur
PubisLinea Aspera
PubisLinea Aspera
Ischiopubic ramus, Ischial Tuberosity Linea Aspera and Adductor Tubercle
Ischial Tuberosity Upper Medial Tibia
Ischial Tuberosity Medial Condyle of Tibia
Ischial Tuberosity Head of Fibula
Linea AsperaHead of Fibula
Upper Lateral TibiaMedial Cuneiform, 1st metatarsal
Middle Fibula Distal Phalanx of Big Toe
Lateral Condyle of Tibia, upper fibula Toes 2-5
Lower Fibula 5th Metatarsal
Upper FibulaMedial Cuneiform, 1st metatarsal
Lower Fibula5th Metatarsal
Lateral and medial condyles of femurCalcaneus
Upper Tibia and Upper FibulaCalcaneus
Above Lateral Condyle of FemurCalcaneus
Tarsal, metatarsals 2-4Upper Fibula and Tibia
Middle TibiaDistal Phalanx Toes 2-5
Middle FIbulaDistal Phalanx Big Toe

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