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Can you choose whether this celebrity is a Red Sox or Yankee Fan?

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CelebrityR or Y
Hillary Clinton (Politician)
Paul Simon (Musician)
Tiger Woods (Athlete)
Dennis Leary (Actor)
LeBron James (Athlete)
Stephen King (Author)
Billy Crystal (Actor)
Mark Wahlberg (Actor)
Steven Tyler (Musician)
Kenny Chesney (Musician)
CelebrityR or Y
John Krasinski (Actor)
Conan O'Brien (Talk Show Host)
Jennifer Lopez (Musician)
Bruce Springsteen (Musician)
Denzel Washington (Actor)
Ben Affleck (Actor)
Mike O'Malley (Actor)
Seth Myers (Actor)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor)
Jennifer Garner (Actress)
CelebrityR or Y
Rudy Giuliani (Politician)
Melissa Joan Hart (Actress)
Matt Damon (Actor)
Jay Leno (Talk Show Host)
Alec Baldwin (Actor)
Dane Cook (Actor)
Spike Lee (Director)
John Kerry (Politician)
Adam Sandler (Actor)
Amy Poehler (Actress)

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