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QUIZ: Can you name the Adam Sandler Movies given the opening lines of his movies?

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Forced Order
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'My name is [movie title]. Ever since I was old enough to skate, I loved hockey.'
'Yes, I'm still on hold.'
'Hello?' '[Main Character], it's your dad. Are You asleep?' 'No, no I was exercising.'
'Hello folks at home! Here I am 100 yards from the top of Mount Everest'
'What's going on there, huh?' 'We thought you were sleeping daddy!'
'I love that dress.' 'Of course you do, Lorenzo. You made it.'
'Cut his a**.'
'Sun tan lotion is good for me. You protect me, tee hee hee'
'So tell me. How was Hawaii?' 'It was unbelievable.'
'Hey [Main Character]!' 'Hi Sarah. Fun party huh?' 'Yeah, except Ronnie Shankman being here.'
'Alright everybody, out on the dance floor!'
'So happy you picked this dress.' 'So beautiful.' 'Isn't she?'
'Ooo showtime! Rough day at the office Mrs. Dunleney? You'll feel better once you get out of those work clothes'
Well alright. Look at that beautiful white stuff come down. Christmas is right around the corner'

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