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Can you name the Can you name the random stuff that only William Lee would know??

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The capital of the smallest Oceanic country:That is one small place meng.
The only U.S. state that doesn't share any letters with it's capital:Get a life.
The name of the USAF base in Northern Greenland:Yeah Star Wars geeks, like the Moon Base.
The year the French army withdrew from Indochina:De Gaulle never really made the best Commander in Chief...
The only U.S. capital that doesn't have a McDonalds:McRib is back. So don't try to go there to get one.
The original inhabitants of Japan (before the Japanese):Sorry to burst your bubble, anime fans.
The spiritual capital of a once independent Tibet:Poor Tibet...
The language isolate spoken in a Caucasian country south of Georgia:This question was worded pretty awkwardly just for my own enjoyment.
One of the two United Kingdom Sovereign Base Areas on the island of Cyprus:Yeah have fun.
The Norwegian territorial island that is the classified as the most remote island in the world and lies approximately 2,525 km south-southwest of South Africa:Possibly the most pointless territorial claim ever staked in the history of mankind.
The Viking settlement founded in 'Vinland' circa 1000 A.D. in northern Newfoundland:You might get this one.
One of the only two doubly landlocked countries in the world:There's two possible answers, in case you couldn't figure it out.
The capital of Tatarstan:Note: this is not an independent country.
That small Spanish town adjacent to Gibraltar:It's small, and it's Spanish.
QuestionsAnswersWilly's Not-So-Helpful Hints
The capital of the breakaway state in Nigeria during the late 60's:Obscure enough for ya?
The most populous city in Malta:Better check the Factbook for this one. JK, don't you dare cheat.
The Finnish word for 'Finland': Good question for all you 6 million or so Finnish speakers out there.
The Indian territorial island chain off of the coast of Thailand:Port Blair's a very nice place for a holiday.
The Spanish exclave that lies about 2 kilometers across the border in France:This is a pretty unknown place.
Another name for the BIOT:This place is pretty desolate.
The capital of the Chinese autonomous region in which the Uyghurs reside:Shockingly, this place has more people than Boston, despite it being in the middle of nowhere.
The name of that cute little dot above an 'i' or a 'j':Hehehe figured I'd throw in a grammar one for kicks and gigs.
The second largest city in Malawi:Also the commercial and industrial hub of Malawi.
The thin (10-40 mile wide) strip of eastern Afghanistan that forms the border between Afghanistan and China:You know, that odd little panhandle that reaches out to just barely touch the Glorious People's Republic over there.
One of the two Spanish exclaves on the African mainland: Two very scenic ports, too bad nobody ever goes there.
The state fish of Hawaii:If this ain't a mouthful, I don't know what is.
The dog-sledding ethnic group native to northern ScandanaviaThis one's pretty basic.

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