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Halle's last name
Annie's last name
First name of the girls' mother
First name of the girls' father
Halle's favorite food
What the girls eat Oreos with
Name of Halle's dog
Breed of dog
Name of Halle's stuffed animal
Meredith's last name
How old is Meredith
Country that Annie lives in
US State that Halle is from
Name of Halle's housekeeper
Name of Annie's butler
Actor who plays the dad
Actress who plays the mom
Halle and her dad own a what
Color of Halle's duffel bag
Fruit that Halle and Annie are allergic to
Year this movie came out
Actress who plays both Halle and Annie
What the mom designs
Month the girls' birthday is
What actor does Annie not know which surprises Halle
Do Halle and Annie succeed in getting their parents back together
'Are you speaking---'
What color is Meredith's car
Where the mom and dad first pet
Halle has pierced what
How old are Halle and Annie
Friends character who appears in this movie as a camp counselor
Annie beats Halle at fencing. What does Halle beat Annie at
'I thought this was a--- camp'
What's this movie rated
What's this movie's rating according to Imdb
What month did this movie come out in the US
What do they eat when they go on their camping trip with their dad and Meredith
The girls refer to Meredith as what Disney villain
The dad says he can cook what
'You may call me Aunt---'
What nickname does Halle's dad call her
'We have a---'
The camp the girls go to is called Camp Walden For Girls. True or false
How many weeks does the summer camp last
What kind of pancakes Halle's housekeeper makes for Annie
How many pounds did the girls weigh at birth
Name of the head camp counselor and her daughter
'Your teeth are a little---'
Song that plays when Annie and Halle play cards
The mom will get Halle for Christmas. What holiday the the dad get Annie
What color is the bathing suit that Annie wears when she goes swimming while talking to Meredith
What does Meredith throw at the dad's head
Years ago, what did the mom throw at the dad's head
'That dog has gotten so---'
Actress who plays Halle's housekeeper
Actor who plays Annie's butler
The parents toast to their---
'I have --- and you don't? Or I know how to fence and you don't? Take your pick'
'Who are you---? Yes, I'm talking to you'
The girls lie and tell Meredith there's what kind of animal out there while camping
'She has--- hair'
'--- teeth'
'She can spell the word---'
What are Annie and her dad doing when he tries to tell her that he wants to marry Meredith
The mom tells the butler that he's like a loveable what to her
'My mom is too---'
What's the weather like when the girls eat Oreos together
Who directed this movie
Who plays Meredith
Who pierces Annie's ear
'Sweet dreams, Mommie---'
How many days will they be camping
How many minutes is this movie according to Imdb
Color of Halle's nightgown while talking to Annie on the phone
'I'll take a--- at it'
'Who are you two? Lucy and---'
What kind of transportation brings Annie to the camp
Grandfather smokes a what
Does Halle write her dad at all while she's away at camp
'She was a--- girl'
What is Halle's horrid habit
'Straight in---'
'In your honor, a Royal---'
What singer does Halle imitate after Annie insults her
In what room of the house does Halle say they never eat in unless it's a special occasion
'An eleven year old is--- my hair'
Name that Annie makes up so she can talk to Halle on the phone
'I would pay big money to see that woman climb a---'
What does Annie put in Meredith's bag to make it heavier
What kind of fruit does Annie put behind her ear before it's pierced
Meredith says she fell in love with a wedding gown she saw in what magazine
What does Meredith order to drink at the hotel bar
'I think I just drank---'
What color is the mom's dress when she and the dad have dinner together
What kind of car takes Annie and her mom to the airport
Does Halle prefer the white or the black hat with the wedding gown
'Don't move. You look---'

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