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What is Frank's last name
What is Claire's last name
Frank's middle initial
What U.S. State does this movie take place in
How many kids does Frank's secretary have
Frank's Christmas gift to Claire in the past
Name of Frank's father
Name of Frank's brother
Frank's sister-in-law
Claire's nickname for Frank
Name of woman in the past who liked Frank
'You wanna go get some--- food'
Frank's secretary
Song everybody sings at the end
Color Bryce says is bad for the city
What Frank and Preston order from the bar
Place where Claire works
Brice's last name
What Frank wants to get his brother for Christmas
Do Frank and Claire end up together in the end
Initials of the company Frank works for
Who plays Frank
Who plays Claire
Who plays Frank's dad
M*A*S*H* character who appears in this movie
According to Preston, how much money does he say American's spend on pet food
Year this movie came out
Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present
What's this movie rated
Type of meat that Frank's father gets him for Christmas
TV show that little Frank is watching on TV
In the past, who are Frank and Claire's best friends
Claire is horrified when Frank suggests that somebody staple antlers to what animal
Who Frank is mistaken for at the homeless shelter
Female athlete who appears in this movie
What's this movie's star rating on Imdb
How many minutes is this movie according to Imdb
What Frank's secretary sends his brother
What month did this movie come out in the U.S.
Who plays Frank's old boss that warns him that he'll be visited by three ghosts
What was his name
Who does Frank call after the ghost of his old boss visits him
In the future, how many people will show up to Frank's funeral if he doesn't change
Frank used to do a kid's show dressed as a dog named what
Where does Frank tell the two women who volunteer at the shelter to buy turkeys
'My brother is the--- of Christmas'
What is Eliot's last name
What is the last name of Frank's secretary
What does Frank's brother make him for Christmas
Who plays Eliot
Sport Frank's former boss was playing when he had a heart attack
Name of Frank's secretary's son who doesn't speak
Actor who appears at the beginning in The Night the Reindeer Died
Type of soda Frank puts into his drink
Frank's middle name
What is Frank short for
What is Claire doing in the past when Frank asks her if they can open presents
Does Eliot have a son or a daughter
What words do the secretary's little boy say at the end of the movie
Frank says he thought what color was a fashion thing
Besides a bath towel, what else does Frank's secretary get for a bonus
Brice tells his frank that his dad gave him what
What does Frank think is in his drink at the restaurant
What time does the Ghost of Christmas Past show up
Who plays Frank's secretary
What character from What's Happening appears in this movie
What Frank's former boss calls him by mistake at the Christmas party in the past
How many siblings does Frank have
Who plays Frank's sister-in-law
What Frank had bought at the store where he met Claire
What is the first year Frank's taken back to
How many years has it been since Frank spoke to Claire
What kind of pet does Preston have
What does the Ghost of Christmas Present call the barking dog
While playing trivia, does Frank's brother get the question right about Gilligan's Island
Name of the homeless man that freezes to death
'Why do you keep calling me---'
'Go back to--- you moron!'
Who does Frank offer his office to when he has a change of heart
What song does Eliot sing when he tries to shoot Frank
Where does Frank first see the Ghost of Christmas Future
What appliance does the Ghost of Christmas Present hit Frank with
What Looney Tunes character does Eliot imitate
Frank mentions the homecoming episode of what show
How old is Frank when his mom is pregnant
'I'll fix your mouth so it won't hold---'
'A Christmas party! I'm so glad I wore my pretty---'
'Father Loves---'
'Show me the--- promo'
'Oh my gosh! Does that---'
'Yule--- It!'
True or False: Frank says Bah Humbug in the movie
Where in California is Brice from
Who plays Scrooge in the production
'Why haven't you ever learned how to--- a coat'
'That fellow has the--- you wouldn't want that'
'Are you--- ?!'
'Are you---?'
What's Preston's last name
Color of Claire's dress when Frank comes to the shelter

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