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Actress who plays Marion
Actor who plays Norman
Director of Psycho
'Why she wouldn't even harm a---'
Last name of Marion's boss
Norman's hobby
Candy that Norman likes to eat
Cabin number that Marion stays in
How much money does Marion steal
What year this movie came out
What does Norman like to drink with his sandwiches
An easy one: Norman's last name
Name of Marion's boyfriend
His last name
Color dress Mrs. Chambers says she helped Norman pick out for his mother
Month this movie takes place in
Day of the week Marion steals the money
Name of Marion's sister
Actress who plays her sister
Marion's last name
Marion lies and tells Norman she's from what city
Last name of the detective who questions Norman
Type of store Marion's boyfriend works at
Who wrote the book on which the movie is based
How much money does Marion pay to trade in her car for another one
What Norman calls his mom
Marion lies and tells her boss she has a what so she can leave early
Marion tells her boyfriend she wants to have what for dinner with him and her sister
First name of Norman's mother
Who wrote the script for this movie
Where are Marion and her boyfriend at at the beginning of the movie
'She might have fooled me, but she didn't fool my---'
How many minutes is this movie according to Imdb
Who plays Marion's boyfriend
What state is Marion in at the beginning of the movie
What city
How many cabins and vacancies are there at the motel
What's the weather like when Marion arrives at the motel
Norman is shy about mentioning what room
What's the last name of the psychiatrist who talks to Norman
Mary Tyler Moore character that has a small part in the movie
What does Norman, AKA: Mother, ask for at the end of the movie when locked up
Where does Norman dump the cars of the victims
Cabin number that Norman gives to Marion's boyfriend and her sister
In what room of the house does Norman hide his mother
Where in the motel does Marion eat and talk with Norman
What's this movie rated
What's the rating according to Imdb
What month did this movie come out
Name of the woman who works next to Marion
In the book, Marion's character had a different name. What was it
First name that Marion puts down in the motel registry
Last name
'You never did finish your--- did you?'
'You have to put your--- on'
Kind of store that Marion's sister works at
What time does it say it is at the beginning of the movie in the pm
The man that Marion steals the money from was planning on giving it to his daughter is how old
'It's hot as fresh--- out there'
Yes or no. Does Marion make Norman made at any point
First name of the detective who questions Norman
Last name of the sheriff
What night of the week does Marion's boyfriend say is a lonely night
'I can handle a--- old woman'
Yes or no. Does Marion escape from Norman
'Am I that close to---'
What does Marion's sister do after she questions her boyfriend about her whereabouts
Norman says he'll be back with his trusty what
Marion steals the money for her---
Name of the guy who sells Marion a car
The actress who plays Marion is the mother of what other famous actress
She was also married to---
Norman has a stuffed what in the motel parlor hanging on the wall staring wide-eyed
'You eat like a--'
Yes or no. Does the director of the movie make an appearance in this
Marion pulls the car over to what
'I'll get my---'
'You make respectability sound---'
First name of the psychiatrist that talks to Norman
How many suitcases does Marion pack
'Norman took a---'
Where are the sheriff and his wife coming out of when Marion's boyfriend and sister stop to talk to them
'Put me down. I can --- by myself'
'You think I'm--- huh?'
Yes or no. Does Norman's house have stairs
Marion's boyfriend lies and says that he and her sister are going to what city
What does Marion's sister do when she finds the corpse of Norman's mother
Actor who plays the detective
First name of the sheriff
Last name of the man that Marion steals the money from
His first name
Norman's mother would become what when he talked to other women
Color shirt Norman is wearing when the detective talks to him
'These extended lunch hours give my boss access--'
'I'll lick the---'
The guy Marion steals the money from wears what kind of hat
What is Marion doing when she gets killed
What does Norman do when he's talking and he's nervous
Who composed the score for this movie
Yes or no. Was this the director's first horror movie

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