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Can you name the Jerry Seinfeld Girlfriends?

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The Implant
The Race
The Junior Mint
The Deal
The Stakeout
The Virgin
The Airport
The Shoes
The Masseuse
The Hamptons
The Serenity Now
The Millenium
The Good Samaritan
The Phone Message
The Glasses
The Outing
The Suicide
The Letter
The Ex Girlfriend
The Seinfeld Chronicles
The Library
The Nose Job
The Bubble Boy
The Cheever Letters
The Cigar Store Indian
The Conversion
The Stall
The Pie
The Wife
The Chaperone
The Big Salad
The Chinese Woman
The Gymnist
The Switch
The Beard
The Doodle
The Understudy
The Engagement
The Wink
The Soup Nazi
The Sponge
The Seven
The Friars Club
The Calzone
The Invitations
The Soul Mate
The Bizarro Jerry
The Fatigues
The Van Buren Boys
The Pothole
The Yada Yada
The Muffin Tops
The Summer of George
The Voice
The Merv Griffin Show
The Slicer
The Betrayal
The Apology
The Strike
The Burning
The Frogger
The Maid
The Switch
The Diplomat's Club
The Pilot
The Caddy

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