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Last name of the family
Room that Kevin is scared to go in
What Santa gives Kevin
Item that Kevin shoplifts
Beverage that Kevin's cousin drinks
Country the family plan on going to
Last name of the family that live across the street
Cousin who counts heads
How old is Kevin
Name of the pizza place the family orders from
Movie that Kevin watches
Name of Kevin's mean uncle
Name of his aunt who is married to mean uncle
Name of other uncle
Name of other aunt
What Harry and Marv use to break into houses
Cartoon that is playing on TV while Kevin is asleep
Name of Kevin's brother who always picks on him
Kevin's mom's name
His dad
Name of sister who calls him incompetent
Name of sister who calls him helpless
Name of his other brother
Kevin's favorite kind of pizza
Movie the family watches while away
Name of Kevin's cousin who drinks a lot
Who plays Harry
Who plays Marv
Who plays Kevin's mom
Who plays Kevin's dad
City the family lives in
What Kevin plans to have for dinner before the Wet Bandits show up
How much money does Kevin's mom offer the elderly couple for their plane seats
What Harry is dressed as at the beginning of the movie
Why won't Kevin give the cashier his address
Kevin's brother has a pet what
What year did this movie come out
What's this movie rated
Color of the blankets on Kevin's parents' bed
How much does all the pizza come to at the beginning of the movie
Who plays Kevin
How many minutes is this movie according to Imdb
What's this movie's star rating according to Imdb
Harry has a--- tooth
Who directed this movie
Who wrote this movie
Who saves Kevin from the Wet Bandits
'Look what you did, you little---'
Who plays Gus
What color coat does Kevin's mom wear
Name of the boy that Kevin's cousin accidentally counts
What is the family drinking with the pizza besides soda
Kevin's brother has a cardboard cutout of which basketball player
Who gets smacked in the face with an iron
Kevin is shown watching a talk show with who as the host
Where Kevin hides first from the Wet Bandits
Kevin finds a picture of his brother's what in a trunk
Snack Kevin is eating while watching the movie
Harry's last name
Marv's last name
Gus's last name
'Do you know where the --- is, Fuller'
Name of character who said the above quote
Song playing when the family runs through the airport
Kevin's address number
U.S. state where Kevin's mean uncle is from
Month this movie came out in the US and Canada
Time the family planned on being up to catch their plane
Where Kevin becomes friends with Old Man Marley
Name of guy who yells to the cop that Kevin shoplifted
What is always knocked over when someone pulls up to the family's house
Musical instrument that Gus plays
Snack Kevin is eating when jumping up and down on the bed
'Why the hell you dressed like a---'
Last name of the sergeant Kevin's mom talks to on the phone
What the sergeant is eating when talking on the phone
Name of the woman the sergeant transfers over to
Besides a ring and a watch what other jewelry item does Kevin's mom offer the elderly woman
Do the elderly couple give up their seats for Kevin's mom
Where does the clerk tell Kevin's mom she's at when she names the other places she's been
What Kevin's mean uncle has his aunt put in her purse on the plane
Makeup item Kevin's mom puts on on the plane
What Kevin's mean uncle asks to drink on the plane
State the family across the street went to
Song playing while Kevin's mom waits in the airport for an empty seat
Kevin puts his brother's pet on Marv's what
Room of the house Kevin has to sleep in
What Old Man Marley says he sent his granddaughter for Christmas
Kevin says he once got a sweater with what animal knitted on it
Kevin says a kid he knows got beat up for wearing what kind of pajamas
Who plays Old Man Marley
How many people does Kevin's cousin count
Kevin's--- makes it back home first
Color robe Kevin is wearing on Christmas morning
What Kevin does when he puts the shaving lotion on his face
How much money Kevin spends at the grocery store
Address number of the neighbors across the street
How many people are in the house
'I am upstairs,---'
An easy one: Who/what does the family forget
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