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Can you name the Elaine Benes Boyfriends?

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The Race
The Deal
The Face Painter
The Stall
The Opera
The Alternate Side
The Jimmy
The Boyfriend
The Pick
The Rye
The Maestro
The Sniffing Accountant
The Calzone
The Checks
The Wizard
The Label Maker
The Non Fat Yogurt
The Shoes
The Wiz
The Masseuse
The Betrayal
The Trip
The Raincoats
The Stand In
The Red Dot
The Contest
The Nap
The Bizarro Jerry
The Stock Tip
The Bus Boy
The Heart Attack
The Junior Mint
The Smelly Car
The Cigar Store Indian
The Soup
The Couch
The Beard
The Wink
The Secret Code
The Sponge
The Friars Club
The Wig Master
The Wait Out
The Soul Mate
The Abstinence
The Andrea Doria
The Little Jerry
The Comeback
The English Patient
The Strike
The Strongbox
The Bookstore

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