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QUIZ: Can you name the Chyna: If They Only Knew?

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She was kicked off the set of this TV show
Her father's nickname for her
Mother's name
Defeated who to become the Intercontinental champion for the first time
Was in a relationship with what WWE superstar
Date of birth
Didn't get along with what former diva
Was drinking what beverage when she got in a car accident
Scared what actor at the 1999 Emmy's
Sold what before being hired by WWE
Said that which superstar was respected by all
Who went as Chyna's date with her to the Emmy's in 1999
Her mom had bought a stereo from where
Says if you want atmosphere, you should go to what restaurant
Said which superstar is one of the sweetest guys she's ever met
First name
Last name
From what state
Said that everybody's seen what Molly Ringwald movie
Father's name
Has how many siblings
Gave her friend something that belonged to her mother for her birthday. What?
Name of stepmother
Won the Intercontinental championship for the first time at what PPV
What kind of match
Says her mother dumped a plate of what over her father's head
Her trainer
Said what actress glared at her on the Tonight Show
Color of her outfit at the 1999 Emmy's

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