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Edward and Elinor
Jack and Rose
Noah and Ally
Clark and Ellen
Will and Elizabeth
Joe and Kathleen
David and Natalie
Danny and Sandy
Forrest and Jenny
Ron and Hermione
Peeta and Katniss
Greg and Pam
Melvin and Carol
Andrew and Margaret
Rhett and Scarlett
Christian and Anastasia
Jamal and Latika
Johnny and Baby
Thomas J and Vada
Harry and Sally
Zach and Paula
Patrick and Kat
Rick and Isla
George and Mary
William and Viola
Hal and Rosemary
Tony and Maria
Mark and Bridget
Troy and Gabriella
John and Jane
Peter and Mary Jane
Maverick and Charlie
Sam and Molly
Tom and Sarah
Mr. and Mrs. Parker
George and Kathy
Norman and Connie
Hi and Edwina
Max and Darcy
Gomez and Morticia
Pike and Buffy
Ben and Laura
Crawl and Rebecca
Craig and Debbie
Oscar and Elaine
Sherman and Denise
James and Mollie
Peter and Kate
Edward and Vivian
Roger and Diane
Frank and Jane
Mike and Carol
Billy and Veronica
Willie and Sue
Fletcher and Audrey
Happy and Virginia
Seth and Veronica
Glen and Nancy
Dutch and Natalie
Ted and Mary
Bruce and Grace
Josh and Beth
Van and Gwen
Gilbert and Becky
Dewey and Gale
Woody and Bo
Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth
Mr. Knightley and Emma
Jamie and Nina
Dexter and Monique
George and Mirtha
Wayne and Cassandra
Michael and Julianne
Edward and Kim
Deuce and Kate
Sonny and Layla
Frank and Claire
Brian and Sue Ellen
Jack and Wendy
Tommy and Michelle
Ray and Julie
Cliff and Torrance
George and Alice
Frank and Adele
Trevor and Helen
Barney and Thelma Lou
Greg and Joan
Fred and Wilma
David and Alexis
Nick and Elizabeth
Edward and Bella
Ichabod and Katrina
Alan and Sarah
Charlie and Annie
Sam and Rebecca
Joel and Clementine
Brian and Christina
Chris and Jamie
Charlie and Irene
Benson and Emily

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