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Middle name
Sister played by Reese Witherspoon
Sister played by Christina Applegate
Favorite movie
Bought a scary looking cat who she named
Put what in the English trifle that she wasn't supposed to
Was engaged to marry
Who ended up marrying her former best friend named
Has a baby girl with Ross who she names
Watches what movie in TOW Joey Dates Rachel
Rachel is played by what actress
Who does Rachel end up with at the end of the series
Color of her prom gown
Wrote a letter for Ross that was how many pages long
What does Ross get for Rachel for Christmas hoping she will forgive him for the list
Watches what TV show in the first episode
What does Tag get Rachel for her thirtieth birthday
Puts on what to impress Joshua in TOW the Fake Party
Ross asks Rachel not to order what on the pizza but she does anyway
Rachel's favorite book
Thinks that Jane Eyre is a what because of Phoebe
Takes the keys to Monica's car. What kind of car is it
Teaches Ben what
Name of the guy who gets Rachel a job that Ross is jealous of
Takes up what habit to bond with her coworkers
Gets what to eat when she goes way long in TOW the Football
Rachel can't stand Ross's girlfriend that he brings back in season 2. What is her name?
Buys what in the first episode on sale
What color is Rachel's jacket when she tells Tag she likes him in TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs
Had a dog named
Teaches which character how to sail a boat
Wants her baby's first birthday cake to be in the shape of what animal
Likes to drink what Diet soda?
Reads what Stephen King book of Joey's?
Dad's first name
Mom's first name
Plays what game with the others at the end of TOW George Stephanopoulos
Went to the prom with who?
Phoebe says that Ross and Rachel go together like what?
What kind of animal jumps on Ross which prevents him from telling Rachel how he feels about her
Gets two tickets to see what sports team, but ends up giving both of them to Joshua
Returned what item that Ross got her for Christmas one year which really upset him
Her favorite flower
Was planning on going where for her honeymoon in the first episode
Tries to make what in the first episode but it isn't any good
Buys how many candy bars in the episode where a date dumps her because she's pregnant
Gets yelled at by the building janitor in TOW the Ballroom Dancing. What's his last name?
Wants what item from Mr Heckles' apartment?
Buys furniture at what store that Phoebe hates
Sits next to what actor on an airplane in the episode where she goes to Ross's wedding to Emily
According to Ross, on her pros list, what does Rachel cry at?
What does she give to trick or treaters when they run out of candy in TOW the Halloween Party?
The man she was going to marry in the first episode is of what profession?
Rachel convinces Ross's girlfriend Bonnie to do what?
What's the name of the guy Rachel is on a date with when she drunk calls Ross and tells his machine her feelings for him?
Says this is her favorite movie but it really isn't
Lies to Joey and tells him that her boss wants to buy her what?
Ends up wearing what color dress in the episode TOW No One's Ready
How many women give birth before Rachel in TOW Rachel Has a Baby?
What time in the afternoon is Rachel's baby shower?
What's the reason Rachel gives for not giving Ross a proper goodbye in the last episode
In TOW Joey Dates Rachel, what kind of treat was Joey going to bring Rachel but he ate it?
Would usually spend Thanksgiving with her family, doing what?
What does Rachel do after she tells Ross she still has feelings for him in TOW All the Kissing?
How old does Rachel say she is in TOW the Fake Party
Color of Rachel's Maid of Honor dress in the last episode of season 2
What item of Rachel's does Ross throw in anger in TOW Where No One's Ready?
Rachel loses her engagement ring where?
What does Rachel ask for her coffee in the first episode at Central Perk?
Rachel says that the man she was going to marry looks like who?
Tells Ross she's pregnant where?
Boss's last name
Has a phobia of what
Tells an actor that Monica likes him, but he likes her instead. Who is the actor?
The list that Ross makes says that Rachel has chubby what?
What makes Rachel forgive Ross for the list he made
Says that Ross puts too much what in his hair
Splits what kind of cookie with Ross in the first episode?
Is passionate about what?
What does Ross suggest they get to eat when Rachel says they should take a break
Manages to find a tuxedo that fits Chandler that belongs to what actress?
Actress that plays Rachel's mom
Ended up going on Ross and Emily's honeymoon to where
First place Rachel works on the show
Orders what kind of food in TOW the Birthing Video
Hits Ross with what when she finds out he slept with someone else
What does Rachel do that causes Joshua to end things with her
Name of the person who has a crush on Rachel but doesn't tell her until the last episode
Fogs a guy named Danny who resembles a what
Actor who plays Rachel's dad
Asks Ross to please put the TV on what channel sometime
Dates a man named Paul, whose daughter, Elizabeth is dating Ross. Who plays Paul
Color of Rachel's hair in the last episode
Name Ross wants to name the baby after the baby is born but Rachel says it doesn't feel right
Marries Ross at the end of season 5 where
She and Chandler help Ross move something in TOW the Cop but have a hard time. What is it?
Hurts her ankle doing what?
What does Ross do in TOW Where No One's Ready to make Rachel forgive him for snapping at her
In TOW the Cheap Wedding Dress, lies and says she's getting married what month?
Tells Joey's sister to give Joey what after she tells him she's pregnant?

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