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Phoebe's Last Name
Twin sister
Brother's name
Actress who plays her
Craves what when pregnant
Hair color
First name of the man she marries
Last name
Her wedding planner
Musical instrument she plays
Reason she doesn't help with Ross's furniture in the first episode
Name of scientist boyfriend who moves to Minsk
Says what actor is hot in TOW Chandler Takes a Bath
Thinks the spirit of her mom is in what animal
Her Halloween costume in TOW the Halloween Party
Never saw the ending of what sad dog movie
What she orders to eat at the restaurant in TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant
Makes out with who in TOW the Flashback
Where she's at when she finds out about Chandler and Monica's relationship
Tries to get tickets for whose concert in TOW Monica's Boots
Actor who plays the man she marries
Chandler and Joey's Christmas present to Phoebe in TOW Phoebe's Dad
Actor who plays the part of the guy who is overly happy in TOW in Massapequa
Why does Joey think Phoebe could beat Monica in a fight
Finds what in a can of soda?
Game she brings to the slumber party in TOW George Stephanopoulos
Helps Chandler break up with who in TOW the East German Laundry Detergent
What kind of cookies does Phoebe tell Rachel she makes the best of in TOW the Dozen Lasagnas
Mugged which Friend in her teen years
Actor who plays her sister's fiance' in TOW the Halloween Party
Ross buys Phoebe her very first what in TOW All the Candy
Where's a shirt for what TV show when she and the gang play football
Tries to teach Joey to speak what language
Gets Joey a what to cheer him up when he's down about being in love with Rachel
Name of guy she meets and makes a date with in TOW Rachel Has a Baby
Lies to Rachel and tells her that Jane Eyre is a what
Color coat Phoebe is wearing when she finds out about Chandler and Monica's relationship
Offers to give Chandler how much money if he stops smoking
Is shocked that Ross doesn't like what dessert
Name of the dog Phoebe keeps hidden in the apartment from Chandler and Monica
Color of her dress in the one with her birthday dinner
Tells Monica that she went out with her ex boyfriend only a couple hours after they split. What's his first name
His last name
Breed of dog that she gives to her brother and his wife that belonged to her biological mother
Where the gang were planning on going before Phoebe gave birth
The doctor who delivers Phoebe's babies is obsessed with what TV character
Why doesn't Phoebe eat Rachel's English trifle
Is upset when she finds out she's really how old in TOW They All Turn Thirty
Actress who plays her biological mother
Her birthday present to Emma
The name she picks for one of her brother's triplets
Changes her name to what in season 10
What kind of animal causes Phoebe to drop the bowl of lottery tickets over the balcony
What theme does Phoebe suggest for Monica's bridal shower
What keeps Phoebe awake all night in TOW They're Up All Night
Says she hates what channel
Blabs that Monica had lunch with who, which upsets Chandler
Why does Phoebe end things with Gary
Says that Monica puts too much what in her food
Phoebe's most famous song
Phoebe's dress color in TOW No One's Ready
Name of boyfriend who comes to visit when she has the chicken pox
Actor who plays him
Gives who a terrible haircut in TOW Ross's New Girlfriend
Likes what in her mashed potatoes
Holiday Phoebe and her scientist boyfriend break up
Plays what game with Joey and they say one day they need to learn how to play the right way
Gets a phone in the shape of a what from the bank
Who gives her the perfect kiss when Phoebe says she's never had one
Nickname the gang all call her
Her bad habit in TOW the Thumb
Does what to try and make Rachel feel better in the first episode
References what horror movie in TOW the Butt
In TOW George Stephanopoulos, says 'Oh! Look! I have---'
Mentions what Richard Gere movie in TOW the Monkey
Says what actress has great hair
Movie Monica gives to make Phoebe feel better
What Phoebe wants Ross and Rachel to name their baby if it's a boy
Phoebe has a dream that Ross said she was what
Tells which friend she wants to keep one of the triplets in the one she gives birth
At what sporting event did Phoebe's future husband plan on proposing to her
Says she was the last to know that Chandler got bit by what kind of animal at the zoo
Her brother tells her he hasn't slept in how many years in TOW Ross is Fine
What two friends does Phoebe say she never had crushes on
Gets what kind of job and ends up stopping a man from killing himself
Lies and says her favorite football team is
Name of her sister's fiance' in TOW The Halloween Party
What's the weather season when Phoebe gets married
Finds what in the trash in TOW Chandler and Monica's Wedding
Hurts her teeth eating one of Rachel's what in season 3
In the second episode says, 'She is so great. I miss her.' Who is she talking about
Who holds the phone up so that Phoebe can listen to Ross and Emily's wedding
What makeup item does she say her grandmother left to her biological dad in her will
What famous person did Phoebe think was her grandfather
Boyfriend of Rachel's who hits on Phoebe in TOW the Dozen Lasagnas
Has a crush on Jacques Custoe and who else in TOW Ross Got High
What was Gary's job
Monica says she once saw Phoebe eat a what when she was upset

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