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First name of actress who portrays Elaine
Middle name
Last name
Elaine's last name
Favorite movie according to Jerry
Last name of boss who eats his Snickers with a knife and fork
Candy she gets after hearing her boyfriend was in an accident
Hair color
What kind of Bapka does she want to get at the bakery?
What kind does she end up getting?
First name of boyfriend played by Patrick Warburton
His last name
How many pounds she gained in the Non Fat Yogurt
What animal keeps her awake at night in The Engagement
Her favorite lunch at Monk's Cafe
Used to date which member of the group
Hates what movie that everyone else loved
Baseball player she goes out with in season 3
Reason she broke up with him
Her favorite punctuation mark
What breed of dog bites Elaine on the leg
Gift she gives to Tim Whatley who regifts it
Says the Soup Nazi resembles what actor
Name of the little boy she babysits in the Blood
Tells Kramer she'll marry him in how many years
Is terrible at what
Jerry's birthday gift to Elaine in the Deal
Does what with George's toupee
She promises what item to someone if they will take the pain in her neck away
Cousin who dates Jerry
Goes to what city in Italy with her boyfriend
Color of the sweater George gets her for Christmas that has a red dot on it
Her father is a what
Her middle name
The guy in the Airport sends Elaine's suitcase to what state
Eye color
Asks Russell if she can borrow his what in the Shoes
Piece of fruit she eats when she tells Jerry she's in a fruit mood
Elaine tries to write something funny about a cartoon character which is what kind of animal
Restaurant Elaine's boyfriend played by Patrick Warburton always wants to eat at
Name Elaine's co-worker calls her by mistake
Game she gets for a boy's bar mitzvah
Nickname Elaine gives the passenger next to her in The Butter Shave
Name of Elaine's co-worker who doesn't move her arms when she walks
Actress who plays her
Movie sequel that Elaine watches and hates in the Comeback
One of Elaine's boyfriends is obsessed with what song and refuses to share it with her
The doctors say that Elaine is what
Name of man Elaine dates who is Bizarro Jerry
Actor who plays the man who works with Elaine who is deaf
Elaine gets a physical so she can go on a trip with her boss where
Name of boyfriend whom she gets blacklisted at the Chinese restaurant
Name of boyfriend who's a male bimbo
Elaine says she loves what actor in the Lip Reader
Elaine writes a script for what TV show in the Keys
Kramer's birthday gift for Elaine in the Deal
Elaine wears a ball cap for what team in the Letter
Jerry puts a Pez Dispenser on Elaine's leg during a piano recital of what cartoon character
Elaine reveals that her IQ is what in the Cafe
Actor who portrays her boss J Peterman

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