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Can you name the Wehrmacht Generals & Field Marshalls of WW2?

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C-in-C of High Command in pre-war years.
Chief of Staff, member of an anti-war group, who failed to commit suicide and was 'finished off' by a sergeant.
Commanded the 1st Army which broke through the Maginot Line in 1940. Was executed after a belittling 'people's court' trial.
Commanded the 17th Field Army through the battles of Uman and Kiev on the Eastern Front in 1941, and later became an anti-Hitler conspirator.
The only member of the central circle of anti-Hitler conspirators to survive the war, he became a high-ranking general in the post-war Bundeswehr and a NATO commander.
C-in-C of the Army from 1939-1941, he was involved in the issuing of the 'Commissar Orders', but died before he could be tried for warcrimes.
Chief of the General Staff 1938-1942; Frequently disagreed with Hitler; He appeared on the cover of 'Time Magazine' in June 1942.
War Minister 1935-1938; Himmler and Goring conspired to have him dismissed with a marriage scandal.
Hitler's 'little lackey'. In spite of his claim that 'he was merely following orders', he was executed for war crimes.
In 1940 wrote 'The final German victory over England is now only a question of time.' He was arrested by the English in May 1945.
Military attache of the War Minister to General Franco in Spain 1936-1937, he was injured in the July 1944 bomb plot. Arrested in 1945, he was imprisoned for twelve years.
Nick-named 'The Black Knight'; He retired before the outbreak of WW2, and was recalled to lead an army group into Poland. He was dismissed by Hitler three times (re-instated twice)
The 'Fuhrer's Fireman', he staged a series of ingenious improvised retreats. He committed suicide after being defeated at the Ruhr.
'Clever Hans'; He commanded armies in Poland and France. He committed suicide when summoned to Berlin after the bombing in the Wolf's Lair.
Montgomery's nemesis; He won the Pour le Mérite in 1917, and commanded the 7th 'Ghost' Division in 1940.
An outstanding strategist, he was one of the key planners of the invasion of France.
Author of 'Achtung - Panzer!'; His therories on mobile warfare and communications later became known as 'Blitzkreig Tactics'.
He became the first Field Marshall in German history to surrender to the enemy.
Born into an aristocratic family, he was the highest ranked German officer to die in Soviet captivity.
Captured in Tunisia after the battle of the Kasserine Pass.

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