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Can you name the responses of the clues given to Ken Jennings in his 31-45th games?

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For his role in writing this 1861 document, Thomas Cobb of Georgia has been compared to James MadisonHISTORIC AMERICANS
With a book about the south, he became the first president--past or present--to publish a novelU.S. PRESIDENTS
Experts believe that 16th C. Dutch growers, through breeding, gave this vegetable its color to honor their ruling houseFOOD
The libretto for 'William Tell' was in this language, the native tongue of neither the composer, Rossini, nor the subjectOPERA
In area it's the largest African country through which the Greenwich meridian passesON THE MAP
Her recording career lasted just 8 years, starting in 1955 with 'A Church, A Courtroom And Then Good-Bye'SINGERS
The 2 U.S. presidents whose middle names are also the last names of 2 other presidents20th CENTURY U.S. PRESIDENTS
2 of the 4 Shakespeare plays in which ghosts appear on stageSHAKESPEARE
In 2002 the Library of Congress had William B. Jones, Jr. speak on this 1941-1971 comic book series in its collectionCOMIC BOOKS
A controversial 1979 war film was based on a 1902 work by this authorWAR MOVIES
In the '20s the alleged spirit powers of Margery caused a rift between these 2 men, a magician & a writerHISTORIC MEDIUMS
2 of the 3 men who went from being either a U.S. senator or congressman directly to the presidencyPRESIDENTS
In November 2000, Pope John Paul II proclaimed this 16th century Englishman as the patron saint of politiciansPATRON SAINTS
A Spanish dictionary defines it as 'circulo maximo que equidista de los polos de la tierra'COUNTRY NAMES
Norma McCorvey recently sought a reversal to her landmark 1973 case in which she had this nameALIASES

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