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Can you name the responses of the first 15 clues given to Ken Jennings?

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She's the first female track & field athlete to win medals in 5 different events at a single OlympicsCorrect
This somewhat negative term arose because twisting fibers into thread was mainly a woman's jobIncorrect
Phoebe Snetsinger, she of the apropos first name, set a record for this activity, about 8,400 speciesCorrect
Once slang for brain, this 2-word phrase now means the Heritage Foundation or the Brookings Institution Correct
Gavdos, an islet administratively part of this larger island, is Europe's southernmost pointIncorrect
In a last-minute change in his manuscript, Charles Dickens renamed Little Fred this Correct
This title character who debuted in 1999 was created by former marine biology educator Steve HillenburgCorrect
In 1960 this new national leader made the longest speech in United Nations history, 4 hours & 29 minutesIncorrect
The Chinese government, which controls all of these in the U.S., won't let a new one be named until it's 100 days old Correct
'Did I request thee, maker, from my clay to mould me man ...' is the epigraph to this 1818 novel Correct
First designed as a surgical disinfectant, in 1895 it was available to dentists & by 1914 was sold OTCCorrect
In the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, etc.), the 2 that are title Shakespearean charactersIncorrect
In 1582 the man born Ugo Buoncompagni proclaimed this solar dating system still used todayCorrect
Josephine Cochrane's 1886 version of this consisted of a copper boiler, wire baskets & a pumpCorrect
The almost 4-decade collaboration of these 2 Germans began in Paris in 1844 Incorrect

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