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This man was the last king of Arthedain
This man of Dorthonion received a ring for saving the life of Finrod Felagund at the Dagor Bragollach
This Telerin elf was one of the greatest mariners in middle earth
This realm was ruled by Thingol and Melian
This realm west of Moria was ruled by Galadriel and Celeborn during the second age
This High King of the Noldor created the Silmarils, Palantiri and Tengwar script
This where Isildur fell, and is a popular fishing spot among the Stoors
These men ride into battle on Mumakil
This is the home of Elrond Halfelven
This is Tolkien's first name
This great grandson of Thror was slain in the Battle of the Five Armies
This elf-maiden was said to be the most beautiful of all the children of Iluvatar
The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep here
This sea is located in Mordor
The mountain where the one ring was forged
Not much is known about this blue wizard
A language spoken by the elves
This region contains both the Anduin and Greenwood the Great
This lord of horses is one of the Mearas
This king of eagles was sent by Manwe to watch over the Noldor
This ally of Melkor devoured the two trees of Valinor
This Vala is the spouse of Manwe and is also known as Elbereth
This Nazgul fell in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields
This Vala was responsible for all growing things in Arda
A great peak in the misty mountains where Olorin slew Durin's Bane

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