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Annabeth's motherA
Roman name for DionysusB
Sorceress who turns men into guinea pigs C
God of WineD
Can only repeat what others sayE
Hazel's current boyfriendF
Percy's best friendG
God of the UnderworldH
Bob's real nameI
Only son of Zeus mentioned in booksJ
Antagonist of first seriesK
Son of Apollo, dies in Battle of the Labyrinth L
Roman name for AthenaM
Goddess of victoryN
Main character of the Odyssey O
The harpies steal his foodP
Swordplay instructor in Battle of the LabyrinthQ
Mortal seer of Camp Half BloodR
Daughter of Aphrodite, Beckendorf's girlfriendS
Percy's cyclops half-brotherT
Kronos' father (also a planet)U
Roman name for AphroditeV
Healer in Apollo cabinW
Michael...(last name) Son of ApolloY
King of the godsZ

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