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Can you correctly answer all of these bizarre harry potter questions?

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Forced Order
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What was Dumbledore's mother's name?
What page does chapter two start on in Defensive Magical Theory?
Where do the Weasley's keep their floo powder?
What colour are Ginny's eyes?
What colour were the robes that tried to strangle Ron?
When harry goes for his hearing in book five, what is the name of the wizard who inspects harry's wand?
In the room harry see's in the penseive, what colour do the chains on the arms of the chair glow?
In book four, what does harry spill in potions class so that he can listen in on Snape and karkaroff's conversation?
What number do you have to dial to get into the visitors entrance to the ministry of magic?
What is Fudge's middle name?

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