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QUIZ: Can you name the songs performed in these Disney movies?

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MovieSongFirst line
The little mermaidAh, we are the daughters of Triton
MulanThis is what you give me to work with
AladdinOh I come from a land, from a faraway place
The lion kingI can see what's happening
AladdinMake way for Prince Ali
The lion king 2Deception (An outrage!)
The lion kingIt's an honor and a privilege, a duty I perform
HerculesSo, ya wanna be a hero, kid?
MulanFor a long time we've been marching off to battle
The lion kingI'm gonna be a mighy king
HerculesBack when the world was new
AladdinGotta keep
MulanLet's go down to business
The lion kingHakuna matata
MulanLook at me
The lion king 2Night and the spirit of life calling
The little mermaidThere you see her
MovieSongFirst line
The lion king 2As you go through life you'll se
The lion kingI know that your powers of retention
The lion king 2Sleep, my little Kovu
HerculesI have often dreamed of a far off place
The lion kingFrom the day we arrive on the planet
The little mermaidThe seaweed is always greener
The little mermaidI admit that in the past I've been a nasty
The lion king 2There's a place where the crazy moon
HerculesIf there's a prize fot rotten judgment
The lion king 2In a perfect world
HerculesGonna shout it from the mountaintops
AladdinWell, Ali Baba had them forty thieves
HerculesBless my soul
The little mermaidLes poissons, les poissons
AladdinI can show you the world
The little mermaidLook at this stuff

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