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Kolb: DOERS. Action-oriented and performers.
Chickering Vector 6
Cass 1: person becomes aware of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are inconsistent with heterosexuality, accompanied by confusion and anxiety. Self-disclosure is rare and self-
Cass 3: recognizes self as gay (tolerant of private sexual identity, but conflict with one’s public image); seek other homosexuals to help reduce feelings of isolation
Kolb: opposite of C, imaginative and aware of meaning and values.
Chickering Vector 1
Kolb: good problem solvers and decision makers.
Cross 3: searches for new sense of being black and thinks that every thing of value must be black; withdraws from previous groups, especially any white groups; immersion into black
Holland : manipulation of others to attain organizational goals, leadership, interpersonal, persuasive: Politician
Chicerking Vector 4
Super Lifespan 3: Implement a self-concept in an occupational role
Helms 1: Satisfaction with current status quo, obliviousness to racism and one’s participation in it.
Cross 4: Three critical functions occur during this stage: (a) defend and protect a person from psychological insults that stem from living in a racist society; (b) sense of belong
Holland : People, manipulation of others to teach and train, person focused: Teacher
Chickering Vector 3
Helms 6: relinquish privileges of racism, integrated community/commitment
Super Lifespan 2: earn who they are and what they might do
Helms 5: search for an understanding of personal meaning of racism and benfits/privilege of whiteness.
Cross 1: person’s world view ranges from low salience, race neutrality, and even Anti-Black.
Holland : Question, research, intellectual: Doctor
Super Role: the time and energy spent in work for pay.
Cass 4: positive connotation is placed on homosexual identity; coming out/sharing with others starts, if heterosexual friends don’t accept the person, they move into stage 5
Super Lifespan 4: – reevaluate work experiences and revise vocation (refinding, not refining, self)
Super Role: the time and energy spent with close friends.
Holland : explicit, mechanical, concrete and tangible: Mechanic
Super Role: the time and energy spent in education or training.
Super Role: your relationship with your children and the time and energy spent in it.
Cross 5: serious personal commitments are made to political and sociocultural reform in the community; participates in meaningful activities (from I � We, but this may not be sus
Super Lifespan 5: Deceleration, retirement planning, retirement living
Holland : Creative, ambiguous, freedom: Actor, Writer
Chickering Vector 2
Super Role: the time and energy spent in civic, school, church, or political activities.
Super Role: your relationship to your parents or guardians and the time and energy spent in it.
Cass 2: comparing what the person sees as his/her sexual orientation and compares it to how others see it; negative experiences can lead to self-hate, while positive experiences le
Chickering Vector 7
Cass 6: individuals are judged based on their personal qualities not sexual orientation; integrates homosexual experiences with heterosexual world; shows anger and pride appropriat
Cross 2: an experience(s) (positive or negative of micro assaults) affects the individual to rethink blacks’ place in the world; reviews internal beliefs and views
Chickering Vector 5
Holland: Explicit, ordered, systematic manipulation of data, records, business: Accountant
Helms 2: dissonance caused by racial moral dilemmas, forced to choose between white loyalty and humanism. (speaking out when a racist comment made).
Helms 4: intellectual commitment to one’s own racial group and to fostering tolerance of others. (link to initial ally development??)
Helms 3: idealize own group and deningrate/intolerate others. (I don’t own slaves, don’t blame me, reverse racism isn’t fair).
Super Lifespan 1: develop cognitive ability to decide and realize the importance of planning for future
Kolb: ideal valued for logic rather than practical value.
Super Role: your relationship with your husband, wife / partner and the time and energy spent in it.
Super Role: time and energy spent in taking responsibility for home maintenance and management.
Cass 5: immersion in GLB culture, focuses on gay issues and activities; angry homosexual who only deals with other homosexuals, alienates heterosexuals
Super Role: the time and energy spent in hobbies and leisure activity.

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