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Can you name the Team Fortress 2 Class - Spy?

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CategoryWeapon/Hat/TauntType/Set/Weapon Used/Update Added
Location of OriginN/A
Secondary WeaponStock
Secondary WeaponPromotional - Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Secondary WeaponUnlock
Secondary WeaponThe Saharan Spy
Secondary WeaponThe Man of Honor
Secondary WeaponPromotional - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Melee WeaponStock
Melee WeaponDistributed
Melee WeaponPromotional - Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Melee WeaponPromotional - Alliance of Valiant Arms
Melee WeaponThe Saharan Spy
Melee WeaponCraft
Melee WeaponPromotional - Total War: SHOGUN 2
Melee WeaponThe Man of Honor
Melee WeaponCraft
PDA2Promotional - Poker Night at the Inventory
BuildingTriad Pack
Taunt AttackKnife, Your Eternal Reward, Conniver's Kunai, Big Earner, Saxxy, Wanga Prick, & Black Rose
HatFirst Community
HatFirst Community
CategoryWeapon/Hat/TauntType/Set/Weapon Used/Update Added
HatPolycount & The Saharan Spy
HatAustralian Christmas
HatPromotional - Total War: SHOGUN 2
HatThird Community
HatThird Community
HatPromotional - Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword
HatUber Update & The Man of Honor
HatPromotional - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
HatManniversary Update & Sale
HatManniversary Update & Sale
HatVery Scary Halloween Special & The Invisible Rogue
HatPromotional - Assassin's Creed: Revelations
HatPromotional - Hero Academy
HatMann vs. Machine
HatSteam Workshop
Miscellaneous ItemClassless
Miscellaneous ItemAustralian Christmas
Miscellaneous ItemUber Update & The Man of Honor
Miscellaneous ItemSummer Camp Sale
Miscellaneous ItemManniversary Update & Sale
Miscellaneous ItemVery Scary Halloween Special & The Invisible Rogue
Miscellaneous ItemVery Scary Halloween Special & The Invisible Rogue
Miscellaneous ItemSteam Workshop
Miscellaneous ItemSteam Workshop
Miscellaneous ItemPromotional - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Miscellaneous ItemPyromania Update
Miscellaneous ItemTriad Pack

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