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long live the car crash hearts
thats just who i am this week
my foot is in the doorway
i thought i loved you, it was just how you looked in the light
i only think in the form of crunching numbers
make it easy say i never mattered
in a world full of the word yes, i'm here to scream no
maybe i just took too much cough medicine
we're so miserable and stunning
you can bow and pretend that you don't know you're a legend
imperfect boys with their perfect lives
bring home the boys and scrap metal the tanks
tonight its 'it cant get much worse' vs 'no one should ever feel like'
last years wishes are this years apologies
i wanna scream i love you from the top of my lungs
does your husband know the way that the sunshine beats on your wedding band
call me mr Benzedrine
ms flack said i still want you back
i will always land on you like a suckerpunch
brace myself and let go
theres a room in a hotel in new york city

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