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QUIZ: Can you name the 2011-2012 PSIA Vocabulary Quiz #3?

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(n.) puzzle, problem
(adj.) worldly
(adj.) rapacious
(n.) readiness to believe
(n.) greed, strong desire
(adj.) brief to the point of superficiality
(v.) to criticize openly
(v.) to make unclean, impure
(adj.) harmful
(adj.) quiet, modest, reserved
(v.) to belittle, depreciate
(v.) to laugh at mockingly, scorn
(adj.) pejorative
(v.) to violate sacredness
(adj.) dried up dehydrated
(adj.) light, airy, transparent
(adj.) shy, quiet, modest
(adj.) rambling, lacking order
(v.) to conceal, fake
(v.) to be indecisive

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